For the second consecutive year, the Office of the Special Representative of the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina is implementing the “Outreach to Undergraduate Students E4U” project, which involves the participation of 14 state faculties organized into seven teams.

Students from the Faculty of Law of the University of Zenicaand the Faculty of Economics of the University of Sarajevo constitute the #GreenTeam, which will this year carry out a campaign called “Wake UP” because it is time for the youth in our country to awaken from slumber.

The campaign will focus on increasing youth proactivity through entrepreneurship as the foundation of economic growth and development (#Wake UP & Activate) and improving the connection between students and higher education institutions with the real sector (#Wake UP & Connect).

Through a specific segment of the campaign (#Wake UP & Vote), students will emphasize the importance of youth participation in the upcoming general elections. Follow our team and find out when we are in your city: