Public International Law

Introduction: concept, nature, development of international law; Sources of international law: general principles of law and custom in international law; Law of international contracts; Law of international contracts II. Unilateral acts as a source of international law; International community. States and other territorial entities; States and other territorial entities II; Some special issues of international law; International organizations; Man in international law; Objects in international law: state territory; State Area II; International law of the sea; Peaceful settlement of disputes and ensuring peace; Peaceful settlement of disputes and ensuring peace II; Law of armed conflict. International armed conflicts.


The goal is to familiarize students with the concept of international law and its development and the relationship between international and domestic law. The sources of this branch of law are discussed with an emphasis on the contract and customary legal rule. Students will acquire general and special knowledge about the system of legal rules that govern relations between international legal entities or participants, primarily mutual relations between states, states and international organizations, and relations between international organizations. All necessary issues related to the state and other dependent and special cases of entities are processed. State bodies in international relations are studied and provide the basis of diplomatic and consular law. An overview of some special issues in international law is provided, including State's immunity from jurisdiction and responsibility of State and international organizations. Still, general features of international law on environmental protection are also given. An analysis of international organizations is carried out, as well as of man - the subject of international law. The basic presentation of universal and regional systems of protection of basic human rights and freedoms is given.
Objects in international law are dealt with: state territory and state borders, international rivers and lakes, air space, space and outer space law, international law of the sea, and development of the concept of the common heritage of mankind in theory and practice. The peaceful settlement of disputes and peace assurance are analyzed: general characteristics, methods of peaceful settlement of disputes, the place and role of the United Nations and other international organizations and their organs and bodies. An overview of collective measures under the United Nations Charter, arms control, and the right to self-help is given. The law of armed conflicts deals with war and other types of armed conflicts, legal regulation of international and non-international armed conflicts, limitations of warfare, rules of international humanitarian law, and the concept and characteristics of neutrality in war.

Teaching methods

1. Lectures
2. Discussion

Knowledge testing methods

1. colloquium (mid-semester)
2. written part of the exam (international judicial practice)
3. oral part of the exam (theory)
4. seminar paper/research project
5. report
6. activity (lectures + exercises)


- Developing the ability of independent theoretical and professional analysis of concepts of international public law;
- Ability to independently find international court decisions in the field of international public law;
- Recognition of the institutes of international law in practical cases;
- Ability to independently critically analyze literature, sources and court practice for research;
- Development of presentation skills, independent research and analysis skills;
- The student is trained to work in international judicial institutions.


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International treaties, declarations, acts of international organizations; 
International judicial practice