Property Law

Indicative syllabus content: 
1. Concept, principles and sources of property rights
2. Possession: concept, subjects, objects, types of possession, acquisition and loss of possession
3. Legal effects of possession;
4. Protection of property
5. Right of ownership; basic terms and characteristics
6. Limitation of ownership rights;
7. Forms of ownership rights (individual; joint ownership; co-ownership; condominium ownership
8. Acquisition of ownership rights: derivative acquisition; original acquisition; acquisition of increments, acquisition from non-owners, finding of things)
9. Protection and termination of ownership rights
10. Easement
11. Lien
12. Land debt
13. Right to build
14. Right of property encumbrance
15. Special legal arrangements for some types of objects
16. Land registers


- adoption of theoretical knowledge and fundamental concepts and principles of property law in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
- training students to solve practical cases, with the application of the law, and research and analysis of judicial practice, as well as with the study of scientific and professional works in the field of property rights,
- acquiring skills in the interpretation and application of legal regulations to solve hypothetical and practical cases from the matter of property law
- students should be able to process all legal issues that arise in connection with a legal propert relationship from its concept, foundation, execution of content to termination, as well as to observe and resolve conflicts of multiple property rights esablished on a single object

Teaching methods

Lectures, exercises (solving tasks in teams), practical work

Knowledge testing methods

Students' activity and progress is monitored throughout the semester through interactive participation in lectures and practical work. Student activity is recorded. The final test of knowledge is performed by a written exam that also includes solving practical cases. Class activity affects the formation of the final grade.


Students are expected to develop:
a) general competences:
- Communication skills
- Analytical skills
- Ability to argue and present acquired knowledge
- to develop learning skills necessary for continued studies and further advancement
b) specific competencies:
- to study the fundamental institutes of property law and acquire the necessary knowledge of property law, and to be trained in the proper use of sources of property law
- to be able to identify problems and find a solution through the application of relevant regulations
- to master the skills required for specific judicial functions for the purpose of making decisions, drafting submissions, representation, etc.
- to combine acquired knowledge with that obtained by studying other subjects.
- to be able to apply property legal regulations to hypothetical and practical problems in the field of property relations


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