Faculty of Law of the University of Zenica currently has signed agreements and memoranda of cooperation, as well as very active collaboration with the following partners:

  1. South East European Law School Network (SEELS) – Network of law faculties in Southeastern Europe
  2. Internews in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  3. High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  4. Cantonal Court in Zenica
  5. Agency for Civil Service of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  6. Zenica Municipality Development Agency “ZEDA”
  7. Public Institution of Zenica-Doboj CantonEmployment Service
  8. Center for Social Research of the higher education institution International Burch University.
  9. “Agram” Group.


Establishment of cooperation and interlibrary exchange with:

  1. Institute of History, University of Sarajevo (signed Memorandum of Cooperation – exchange of journal publications).
  2. Faculty of Philosophy, University of Tuzla (exchange of journal publications).
  3. Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Sarajevo (interlibrary exchange).
  4. Ibn Sina Institute in Sarajevo (exchange of journal publications).
  5. Institute for Research of Crimes Against Humanity and International Law, University of Sarajevo (interlibrary exchange).


The Faculty has also signed Memoranda of Cooperation with the following entities:

  1. National Center for State Courts, USA, Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  2. European Law Students’ Association Zenica (ELSA Zenica).
  3. Cantonal Legal Aid Institute of Zenica-Doboj Canton.
  4. Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office of Zenica-Doboj Canton (KTZDK).
  5. Office of Attorney General of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  6. Transparency International Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  7. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Zenica-Doboj Canton/Police Administration.