Welcome to the Faculty of Law of the University of Zenica. It is my honor to be the dean of a fantastic group of scientists, professors, associates and students who, in this turbulent time, have decided to give their best for a better future for all of us. Here we learn and create social values ​​that are related to law and justice, but also to science in general, because the pandemic has shown us that we must be flexible and keep up with the development of other sciences, because we can only be successful through synergistic action. In the relatively short period of our faculty’s existence, we have achieved great success at the domestic and international level, developed modern programs with a many elective subjects, various clinics and other interesting benefits for students and professors. Through the cooperation we have developed with local institutions, our students have the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge, abilities and competences during their studies. In addition, they are part of the ERASMUS family, i.e. of the EU program that supports student mobility and international exchange of experience and practice, and all this together has led to the fact that our students are among the best in the region.

Our faculty emphasizes the constant development of the professional and scientific capacities of the teaching staff, and this is visible through the media and numerous conferences where our professors are constantly present, and through the fact that our professors are now in some of the most responsible positions in the country, and that they are in demand by domestic and international universities as lecturers.

If you want flexible studying, work in small groups, interactive exchange of experiences and a very good and motivated teaching staff who, in addition to scientific knowledge, can also impart practical abilities and competences, then our faculty is certainly the best choice.

I invite you to be part of our family in order to overcome the darkness of ignorance and illuminate your path to the future.


Prof. Ph.D. sc. Larisa Velić